Submitting Campaign Game Results


Who Should Submit Results?

When planning to play a game in the campaign you and your opponent should decide in an agreeable manner which of you will act as the “war scribe” and enter your battle result. We want only one record for each game played, from only one of the involved players. You can nominate beforehand or grant the honour / ignominy of recording the result after the game to the victor or defeated.

If you’re participating in the campaign as part of a tournament or wider gaming event, then we’d advise you to speak to the T.O or event organiser to determine how they want to handle results submission. As the keeper of records for their own event, they may choose to submit the collected results in a batch.


Campaign Hub

Once a Kings of War setting campaign is active, start from that campaign’s hub page (accessed via the menu bar option Campaign > (campaign name) you’ll find a submit button (or buttons) near the top of the page relating to the various game systems involved in the campaign. Simply select the appropriate button for the game result you want to submit.

You’ll then be directed to a login page that is required for access to the results submission page.


Logging In

The login page requests a shared, community level login to be entered that will grant you access to the necessary game submission form. So there’s no individual user sign-ups or account registration required. We’ll provide the community credentials for each campaign once we’re ready for submissions to be entered (the credentials will change per active campaign).


* with no active campaign currently ongoing the shared community account has been disabled and no further results submissions permitted


Once you enter the above credentials and hit the login button, you’ll be taken directly to the game appropriate form to submit your result.


Results Submission Form

The results submission form itself will list a number of fields such as Points Limit, Scenario Played, Player Name, Player Faction, Game Winner etc appropriate for the game. Fill these fields in from the various options provided/text entry and select the “Submit Battle Result” button at the end of the form to submit your result. You’ll know you’ve been successful when the “Post-Battle Result” page is displayed. Thanks for taking part and entering your result!

As you play more games, you can repeat the process for each result.



## A Note on Player Names ##

Whilst we ask for each player in a game to enter their name, we’re not collecting this information for any other purpose then to record your result. So it can be a personal name, nickname or any other moniker you like to record. It won’t be referred to or used by us in any other way.



## A Note on Spam or Fake Results Submission ##

Whilst we aren’t tracking specific individual user records, we will constantly be observing the submissions for any results spam or fake entries. We reserve the right to ignore any submitted results that we determine are being continuously spammed or entered in bad faith to adversely interfere with faction and/or campaign progress and results.



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