You may have heard the term ‘campaign’ to describe a series of inter-linked battles in which your units develop over time. Here the campaign is slightly different. The Kings of War campaign is an event that encourages generals around the world to play as many Kings of War battles as they can and share the results with us at Mantic Games. These results will then be used to determine who is controlling certain areas that are identified as Theatres of Battle for the current campaign.

Campaigns are a fantastic way to get together with your friends at a local store or club and play a number of Kings of War battles across the course of a weekend (or longer depending on the campaign schedule). You can fight it out to see who comes out on top among your friends and then upload the results to this website.



The aim of this website is to provide an online, central hub for campaigns – providing information and background on the campaign, the areas of interest being fought over, the ability to submit your results  into a global pool of data and finally, allow everyone to see the results of those battles on a faction and wider campaign scale.


Community Involvement

Getting the Kings of War community involved is a central feature of a campaign – it is the very reason why we run these global events! We want as many Kings of War players around the world to become interested in the campaign narrative and get involved in playing games with their friends (or enemies) either at home, at clubs, local stores or at specific Kings of War events. It’s then as simple as one player from a game to upload their battle result to this website so we can collate the data and present the ongoing results and ultimately the final outcome.

Beyond this website, why not share pictures, videos or blogs of your battles on social media too? Use the hashtag associated with the active campaign and/or tag Mantic Games we’ll keep an eye on our various social media channels in the run up to and during the campaign to share what the community gets up to.


Build Your Army

There’s no points minimum or points limit on your battles. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to be able to get involved. So, whether you’re just starting out and have a small force of 1,000pts ready to play or have multiple armies each with several thousand points, we still want you to bring your army to the table and lead them in glorious battle. A campaign also presents a perfect opportunity to try out an army you might not normally use in your standard points games.

Building your force will use the normal army composition rules from the main rulebook, as well as any special characters and magical items introduced in the any supplement that the campaign specifically mentions or calls out as important/needed.


Play Games

Of course, the most important part of a campaign is to actually play some games! You can play as many games as you want over the course of the campaign schedule and upload the results to the site – your only limits are available time and opponents to play against! We’ll be updating the campaign status on the website throughout the campaign, so you can check-in on your factions progress and the overall campaign flow to see how you are having an impact.


Shape the Future

Based on your results, the narrative for the world of Pannithor will change! Perhaps certain factions will gain footholds of control in the key theatres of battle, others might be pushed back and lose previously owned lands, while the possibility for some well known characters to die in battle and pass into legend certainly exists… or at least suffer some pretty nasty injuries!

This is your chance to help us weave the future storylines of Kings of War. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your army and get ready for battle!

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