Planes of Existence

When lightning flashed and the clouds were briefly illuminated, some swore they could see through them, just for an instant. And what they saw were strange constellations never before witnessed in the skies over Pannithor, alongside glimpses of hellish realms that could not be of the material plane.

All across the world, the warping power of the Nexus began to take its toll on natural law. In isolated settlements, rivers would flow red with blood, or bubbling lava, or freeze over in an instant even on a mild day. Children would wake to find themselves lost in the Etheric Plane where their dreams had become reality, homesteads transformed into towering mushrooms, toys walking and talking like real people, and dark aspects of their nightmares, hungry and razor-limbed, stalking them on the edges of their senses. Common folk began to report the return of long-dead ancestors, some as real as themselves, others as little more than incorporeal shades. Flickering portals would pop into reality unexpectedly, beginning like a heat-shimmer, before coalescing into a window upon other worlds, other realms, where battles waged
between foreign armies, and strange beasts and ethereal souls existed in alien lands beyond the imaginings of even the mad.

Across Pannithor, the sudden increase in magical activity stemming from the Halpi Mountains has caused strange effects to take hold of geographical features and shrines constructed as tributes to great deities
alike. What is perhaps even more bizarre is the nature of the terrain located in the planes themselves…