Welcome to Fight for the Rift

Well Met & Welcome!

Welcome to the Fight for the Rift campaign. This is your chance to battle it out to take control of the Nexus and change the fate of Pannithor. By taking part in this campaign, you can upload your battle results and dictate the outcome of the thrilling Fight for the Rift. Depending upon who wins or loses, the ongoing narrative for Kings of War will be re-written!



Campaign Schedule

From August 27th-30th we want you to play as many games of Kings of War as possible. There’s no restriction on points or what armies can take part – we just want as many generals charging to the battlefield as possible! During the course of the campaign, you will fight to take control of the different magical planes that have been created by the powerful Nexus surging through the Halpi Mountains. Before each game you should agree with your opponent what plane you’ll play on – or let fate decide by rolling a die. Once you’ve finished your game, make sure you upload the results to this website.



Take Control

While the campaign is running we will update the overall results throughout the day, so you can see which factions are in control of each plane… and potentially change where you want your next fight to take place. We’ll be tracking whether Good or Evil has overall control of each plane, as well as the individual results for each faction. If you’re a Neutral army, you will have the chance to choose whether you want to fight for Good or Evil. In fact, you could even change your allegiance as the campaign progresses.


Submit Your Results

The campaign will officially begin at 12.01am (UK time) on August 27th and end at 11.59pm (UK time) on August 30th. However, if you’re unable to make these specific times and want to play some battles beforehand, you can just upload your results to the website while the campaign is live.


War on the Water

As well as Kings of War, you can also upload your Armada battle results to the website. The fight for the seas around Halpi are being fought just as fiercely as those on land and they too will affect what happens in the narrative.




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