Fight for the Rift Campaign Summary

With the new Clash of Kings 2022 book on the horizon, we’re about to advance the Kings of War timeline and commit the events and conclusion from the Fight for the Rift campaign into Pannithor’s narrative history.


Thank You

To start off this campaign conclusion we first want to say a huge thank you to everyone that took part!

Considering the campaign only lasted a long weekend, we had hundreds of battle reports from around the world which was a great level of participation and something we’re very appreciative of. We’ve got plans in place for further community campaign content to feature more regularly via this website, so stay tuned for what may come in the future.


Results Digest

We’ve got a number of articles that will provide a much deeper dive into the new lore that has resulted from the campaign and we’ll link those later, but for those that just want a quicker results digest, here you go…


Dravak Halted

The forces of Good managed to close the Rift and stop Dravak’s nefarious schemes beneath the Halpi Mountains. He’s now legged it back to Tragar with his tail between his legs. This result was determined by the fact that Good won the majority of the battles fought across the various planes and had an overall majority of wins for the entire campaign.


The Goblins Hold

Of course, not every faction had something specific to play for in this campaign but we looked at the results for some of the key players, e.g. Goblins won more than they lost, while Ratkin lost more than they won – as a result, the War in the Holds was won by the Goblins.


Free Dwarf Reclamation

Meanwhile, the Free Dwarfs won more battles than they lost, which means they can start to reclaim parts of the Halpi Mountains themselves. Of course, many locations are still under the control of goblins, Ratkin and Abyssal Dwarfs but the slow march to freedom has begun. You can read some more in-depth stories based on those results in the additional narrative articles on the site.



Into the Future

There are some elements of the campaign results that will feed into future developments for the Kings of War narrative and, for the moment at least, we’re just dealing with the immediate aftermath. We hope you enjoyed the Fight for the Campaign and that you’re preparing early for the Kings of War campaign in 2022!



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