The Game of Fantasy Battles

A Call to Arms

Kings of War is the mass combat fantasy miniatures range and game from Mantic Games. 

Take to the tabletop battlefield with your favourite armies such as the terrifying Undead or treacherous Goblins, pitted against stalwart Dwarfs or the potent Forces of Nature – and many more besides. Kings of War lets players command their forces in an amazing gaming experience.

When you’ve finished crossing swords and whether you’ve driven your enemy before you or retreated to lick your wounds, check out the latest Kings of War online campaign where your battle results count towards the changing narrative of the game world!

Build Mighty Armies

Prepare to rally your forces to fight in the best and biggest fantasy mass battle game. 

Choose your side and then command an army of Mantic miniatures to represent incredible armies such as the stoic and pious Basileans, or plot your opponent’s downfall with hordes of devious Goblins and their contraptions of war.


The intuitive, easy-to-learn rules of Kings of War mean it’s possible to play epic battles with hundreds of miniatures in just a few hours. Hone your tactics without worrying about overly-complicated rules or removing individual miniatures when they die.

Refined Third Edition

We’ve worked tirelessly with our community to make the rules of Kings of War as good as they can be. Third Edition brings together all the refinements and improvements since 2015 to make this the definitive edition of Kings of War.

This quality tome contains all of the rules you’ll need to fight epic battles across the tabletop, an extensive background section covering the races of Pannithor and their history, and full rules and army lists for 14 different factions.


Set titanic monsters against thundering mounts, have legendary heroes lead stalwart infantry, direct merciless warmachines to rain distant doom and call noble mages to wield their sorcerous power – we’ve got miniatures covering it all!

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Starter Set Options

A two-player starter set is the perfect introduction for Kings of War – containing two great plastic starter armies to begin, a book with the full game rules and complete army lists for 14 different factions, plus a getting started booklet to help you with your first games.

Shadows in the North

Northern Alliance – vs – Nightstalkers

War in the Holds

Ratkin – vs – Goblins

Free Rules

Get a taste of Kings of War: Third Edition with the Free Rules sampler. Learn the core gameplay of Kings of War: Third Edition and try out your battle tactics with two sample armies: Dwarfs and Orcs.


Contains all the rules required to play an introductory game.

Dress The Battlefield

The terrain and obstacles that armies battle across and around play an important role in Kings of War, mastery of the scenery on a battlefield can be the difference between victory and success!

The Terrain Crate range of scenery options allows players to dress their battlefield in various themes and guises.

Other Games Set in the

World of Pannithor

Take to the highs seas for fantasy naval combat in Armada, crawl the dark of dungeons deep in the Dungeon Saga board game series, battle over strategic scenarios in the warband skirmish game Vanguard or dance with danger and drawn daggers in the semi-cooperative League of Infamy board game.

Tales TO Tell

As the background associated with the world of Pannithor continues to be developed through the Kings of War rulebook and game supplements, dedicated novels and story anthologies are now also available to further help expand the narrative around where your tabletop games are played.

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